LulzSec Password Dump

Recently there was a post made to twitter from lulzsec releasing the username / password dump from (including some rather ’embarrassing’ email addresses).

The password dump can be found here (It seems that this link is no longer available)

I decided to take a look through the database and see just what passwords people were using:

The statistics are:

25945 total username / password entries

20766 unique passwords

The most common password in use were:

123456 – 670 times

123456789 – 212 times

12345 – 111 times

1234 – 75 times

12345678 – 72 times

1234567 – 65 times

password – 62 times

1234567890 – 52 times

123 – 49 times

123123 – 41 times

If you want to parse the text file and dump raw passwords, a little command-line fu’ is all that’s needed:

awk -F "|" "{ print substr(\$2, 2) }"  pronz_with_count.txt

I’ve made a dump of the password file which can be found here


Canada Prime Minister Chokes On A Hash Brown?

Today I came across an interesting hack on the website, reporting that the Prime Minister of Canada had been rushed to hospital after choking on…. a hash brown.

This turned out to be the work of LulzRaft in a prank attack against the website, compromising what looks like easy to guess passwords (the password post can be found here).

Just goes to show that not all hackers are after your credit card details !

Screenshot can be found here.