Gadget Show Live 2011

Today we visited the The Gadget Show Live 2011, the UK’s electronic show where big name brands come together to show off their latest wares.
This is the second time that I have been to TGSL, and this year didn’t disappoint.
I must stress, at first glance I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the stands this year. Many seemed to be full of cheap tat that can be found at any local computer market, even Npower made another appearance trying to have people switch their energy suppliers (I mean come on guys, people have better things to do at these events than talk about how much they pay for their energy). Nvidia were supposed to show their Tegra range, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about it.
I’m mostly interested in the computer technology at these things, rather than the household electronics (TV’s, DVD players etc), so I spend most of my time in the ‘Game Zone’ drooling over the latest game previews and hardware. Again, it was all pretty standard stuff, Nvidia 3d experience, PC’s draped in neon lighting, an array of scantily clad females, and The Prodigy blaring in the background.
That is until we noticed a sign in the corner.. “Over 18’s Only, ID will be required“. Pulling back the curtains, we found this:

Now for those of you who know me, you will know how much I love Gears Of War. This game isn’t out on Beta release until Monday, so to get to play it 3 days early was HUGE. After queuing for what felt like a lifetime, I managed to get a go on the new Team Deathmatch mode, and I can tell you all that this game doesn’t disappoint. To see some footage of the upcoming game, visit my youtube profile here.
Another suprise we found behind the ’18s Only’ curtain was this blast from the past:

The Duke Nukem Forever stand had a Beta of the upcoming June release running on an XBox Development Kit on an array of stands which seemed very popular with the crowds. There were some showings of Mortal Kombat which were also very popular. There’s something hugely satisfying about beating your rivals to death with their own arm with Drum and Bass pumping in the background (or is that just me).
So, moral of the story.. if you ever see a curtain marked “Over 18s Only”, you can bet your ass that there is something sweet behind it 😀
Overall verdict of The Gadget Show Live 2011.. brilliant for gamers, but must try harder with consumer tech.