Halo ODST French To English

Well, Halo ODST has finally arrived here in my homeland. I must admit I have been playing an import of this game for a week now so the novelty has worn off a little bit now (plus listening to those French video’s drove me crazy).

Now.. for all those who did the same (and the ‘odd’ few that decided to download the French version of the game, which I in no way support) you will notice something when you boot into your English version… yes that’s right… the video sequences are still in French. Believe me this came as a little bit of a shock when I popped my English version in this morning.

The reason for this is the Xbox360 has cached the video sequences from the French version of the game onto your hard drive. This can be verified by removing the hard drive and then restarting the game.

So the answer is simple, just reset the cache of your hard drive to listen to the English audio version of this game.

Hope this helps. I’m off to play Halo ODST.

Link To Reset Cache: http://vgstrategies.about.com/od/xbox360faqs/a/ClearX360Cache.htm

EDIT: I have now found out that the reset cache option can be found by pressing the ‘Y’ button on your hard drive within the ‘Memory Options’. Ignore above link unless still using the older ‘blade’ dashboard.

EDIT, EDIT: Completed ODST in 4 hours, good game.